2013 Jazz Age Lawn Party

Did you know that the girls were Flappers and the boys were Flippers?

Frankie Manning was once asked at a swing camp if there were any other dances he would like to see make a comeback.  "Peabody," was his one word reply.  He recounted how they used to hold Peabody races at the Savoy Ballroom.  The dance floor was one city block long with the bandstands in the middle of one side.  He said that the dancers would start in front of the bandstands and make one circuit to see who would get around first.  He recalled one tall dancer in particular who had a much shorter partner - Frankie said he wasn't sure if her feet ever touched the ground.

I learned the Peabody from Sandra Cameron and Paul Grecki.  It's a fun dance but you need to have good floorcraft to make it around a dance floor without it being more like bumper cars.  Check out this video of my current favorite Peabody song, by the Bratislava Hot Serenaders.

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